Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Walk you through the night ...

One of my favorite singer/songwriters, Cherie Call, wrote a touching little song wherein she talks to her newborn son promising to hold him tight and walk him through the night. It is definitely a favorite of ours.
As Mary pondered all that she alone knew about her newborn son, she no doubt had similar feelings of love and commitment. As Cherie sings, "Rest your head now while I hold you tight, and I will walk you through the night".
The good news that the angel brought so many years ago was that unto us (you and me), a Savior (not just any baby) was born. I like to think that He "will walk us through the night" of our mortal lives. Thank you, Cherie, for penning such a meaningful and touching song.

Monday, October 2, 2017


This is the shepherd of some of our dearest friends ... her name is Mia. I felt impressed to do this painting of her for them as a token of our friendship and admiration.


 Each morning lately when we pass this storm drain inlet on our way up the mountain for our daily hike, my dog gets very excited and literally wants to climb down into this drain. I knew some critter was using it but was not sure which one.

The other night, on my way home from an evening appointment, I saw a family of raccoons darting into this very inlet, one after another. Mystery solved! Just had to come home and paint them!


We love to see moose in the wild. They are majestic animals with know fear of humans. We gave this cow and calf "wide birth" when we saw them up in Alaska years ago. I finally got around to painting them.

Romantic Sunset

I have always loved to paint sunsets, and sunsets on a secluded romantic beach, well, they just don't get any better than that! Here is another in my Hawaiian body of work.

Silver Lake

This is a beautiful little setting high atop American Fork canyon in the Wasatch Mountain range of northern Utah. It is not far from our home, yet its Alpine beauty whispers remoteness and seclusion. We took our family on a hike there several years ago ... very beautiful indeed!


Owls have been a symbol of wisdom from ancient times. They are interesting creatures to be sure. We have a resident great grey owl that lives in our neighborhood, and it has been fun to see it in action and just sitting high on its perch.


Great Grey owls are among the most interesting birds of prey. Their majestic size, quiet stealth and unequaled hunting skills make them a very special bird of prey.

Hangin' Out

The resident flock of eagles at Pybus Point was enormous. When they roost at night, they seem to all want to be on the same branch of the roosting tree. These characters put on a show for us every day ... flying around, fishing, grooming or just hangin' out!

Pybus Point Dock

This is the busiest place on the property ... people coming and going, by boat and by plane; fish are processed, frozen and boxed. This is the view of the dock from the main lodge above. We sure loved our time up there.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Pybus Point Lodge

I recently returned from the beautiful Pybus Point Lodge in southeast Alaska. The remote location and the drop-dead gorgeous backdrop of the property make it one of the most beautiful places I have had the privilege of visiting. During our non-fishing down time, I was able to paint four scenes of our trip. This one is of the lodge looking from the easterly side of the property back toward the lodge and dock which I finished while there. I blocked in the under paintings of the other three up there and am finishing them now back home in my studio. I will post them when they are complete. Enjoy ...

Friday, May 12, 2017

Decisions Determine Destiny 2017

Several years ago, I painted a similar scene recalling an experience I had while hiking with my dad as a young boy in the Uintah Mountains of Utah. We took a wrong fork in the trail and did not make it to our intended destination. We had to retrace our path and choose the correct fork which took us right to the lake we were expecting. So it is in life ... the decisions we make will ultimately determine our destiny and our happiness.


This is another painting in my body of work called, "Backyard birds". These Stellar Jays live in the foothills above our home and often visit our yard. They are both beautiful and bold.

Creek Street

Ketchikan, Alaska is one of my favorite places to visit ... great scenery, wonderful fishing, and unique places to see. One of these unique places is the old, "Creek Street". It is very quaint and picturesque. I just had to paint it!


Tropical sunsets are unique ... the color palette as well as the stunning scenery. Just had to paint this one!


One of my young friends is a member of a Polynesian dancing group, so I used her as a model for this tropical sunset painting.

Primary puddles

Years ago, while visiting my wife's cousin in Vancouver, Canada, we hiked to a small waterfall just after a rainstorm. The forest light was misty and puddles littered the path. I had not brought along any painting materials so we went into town to purchase some. I was able to buy red, yellow and blue paint along with tube of white. We also purchased a couple of brushes and a canvas. I painted the pathway scene the best I could and left it with them as a thank you for their hospitality.

A couple of months ago, I wanted to teach my students to use only primary colors on their next painting. I remembered our Vancouver experience so I suggested that we use that scene as reference material. This is my version of that painting lesson.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Missy's Arch

Maureen and her friend, Missy (from California) visited southern Utah last Fall. While there, they spent some time in the Bryce Canyon area. Maureen asked me to paint this scene of an arch overlooking the valley beyond. So fun to learn how to paint the beautiful red rock scenes of our state!


One of my work associates owns an ancient "villa" with a tower just outside of Rome on the Italian countryside. He sent me a photo from the tower window overlooking the vineyards and olive groves below with an invitation to pop over there for a stay. Well, we haven't been able to get there yet, but I just had to paint this scene for him using his photo as reference!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Ariya and Trin

I started this painting about 5 years ago and then set it aside for some reason after underpainting the scene. It got inadvertently tucked away and forgotten somehow. The other day, I came across it while rearranging my studio and decided that I just needed to finish it. The scene captures a tender moment with our two granddaughters while chilling one morning on the dock near our cabin at the Red Canyon Lodge (Flaming Gorge Rec Area). Fun times with Ariya and Trin

Mother Goose

A few years ago, we were able to visit Yellowstone in May. On our way up there we stopped in Idaho Falls and while there we saw many Canadian geese with goslings everywhere. I painted one scene of a mother goose and her chick when we got home, but have always wanted to paint this one ... I finally got around to it! Enjoy!


This is a little study painting I did with Jerry Yarnell this month. Fun to learn new techniques.


Mother wolf and pup ... truly a magnificent and tender moment. I tried to portray the peaceful, playful and tender relationship between mother wolf and her pup

In Flight

Our little beagle puppy has grown into a beautiful adult dog. Her soulful eyes and big, floppy ears make her hard to say "no" to. When she leaps while running she almost appears to be "in flight" ... which I tried to capture in this piece.


Nearly 190 years ago, the Aaronic Priesthood was restored near this spot on the Susquehanna River to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey by John the Baptist, a then resurrected being. The world has been forever changed because of this wonderful and merciful act of restoration by Heavenly Father.


Over a decade ago, I painted a similar scene of my little granddaughter building a snowman with our buddy beagle as inspector. Last month, my painting class wanted to learn how to paint such a scene, so we used my original painting as reference and came up with this scene. We love snowmen in our family!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Easton's light

In honor of my grandson's upcoming baptism, I painted this for him as a gift to remember such a sacred event. It depicts him letting, "his light so shine before men that they may see [his] good works and glorify [His] Father who is in Heaven".

The Big Hole on Crow Creek

This Spring marks the 80th anniversary of my dad's baptism up in Star Valley. Since they did not have a formal baptismal font back then, they traditionally used the "big hole" on Crow Creek for such ordinances. Dad recalls that even though it was late Spring, the edges of the water still had a little ice ... brrrr! Though everything has changed up there now, I tried to recreate the place and atmosphere of how it might have been back then, using only dad's description and memories.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Decision 2016

Another of our beautiful granddaughters decided to be baptized last month. This is her in front of the Bountiful LDS temple on or near her birthday.


This is the grandson of my good friend. He is six years old and already has the knack for fly casting ... amazing, eh?! What a fun project to do for their family!


One of my young friends asked me to do a painting of their family dog for a Christmas present to his parents. Jacy is certainly a beautiful dog!

Vintage Air Jordans

The owner of our company asked if I would paint a vintage Air Jordan shoe for his son (who likes to collect shoes). I had never painted just a shoe before, and am always looking for new painting opportunities, so I jumped at the chance. Sure hope his son likes it ... that's as close to a real pair of vintage Air Jordan shoes that I will ever come!

Monday, October 24, 2016

The dawn of a new era in Star Valley

My dad was born and raised in Fairview, Wyoming in the southwest portion of Star Valley. It was almost unbelievable to me when the announcement was made that a temple would soon be built in Star Valley. I have been monitoring the construction for awhile now, contemplating how I could put my feelings about it on canvas. This scene is what I came up with ... my dad on his horse at dawn marveling at the newly constructed temple ... the dawn of a new era in Star Valley. Hope you enjoy ...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ketchikan troller

While in Ketchikan, Alaska this summer, we saw this vintage old wooden troller. The setting was just so spectacular I had to try to paint it! complimentary colors abound in this piece which is what makes it so dramatic! Enjoy ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Family Time

Last year my grandson wanted to learn to paint a scene with bears in it. After returning from an Alaskan adventure this month, I was inspired to attempt to paint them as well. I love Alaska ... to experience personally and to paint! Enjoy ...

Golden Moment

This is a commission I just finished of a beautiful Golden Retriever in a very dramatic light setting. So fun to try and recapture such a moment.

Ketchikan Eagle

I love to be in Alaska! A friend of mine, who used to live in Ketchikan, took several photos of some local eagles in action. I used them as reference and painted this majestic eagle with his catch.


My young friend and his fiancé asked for this scene as a wedding gift ... so fun to paint for them. I hope they love it! Fly fishing with your sweetheart ... not much better than that!

Brock's Beach

I have a tradition of providing a painting for each of my young adult friends when they marry. These two are particularly close and asked for an Hawaii beach scene for their painting. It was fun composing and painting this piece for them. Hope they enjoy it! Congratulations on your beautiful marriage!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Evening sail ...

Sail boats have always intrigued me and I love to paint them! This is my rendition of the subject I taught to my painting students last month.

Boise LDS temple

One of my traditions of late has been to provide a painting as a wedding gift to my young friends when they get married. When I asked one particular couple what they would like for their painting, they requested that I paint the Boise LDS temple for them. I now can add it to my collection of LDS temples ... enjoy!

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Maureen surprised me with this little gal over a year ago on my birthday. She's all grown up now, but this is how she looked at about 4 months old. She was the "chewingest" critter I had ever known! She sure was cute, though ...

Tilley Graduation

The son of one of my good friends commissioned me to paint this scene about his dad. He had graduated from the U in 1975 in Mining Engineering. He recently graduated from USC with his professional MBA. Since he loves football, his kids thought it would be fun to combine his two school experiences along with their football stadiums and their dad dressed according to his respective degree. They also like the fact that the score reflected his graduation years, and that the Utes were creaming USC! By far and away the most unique commission I have ever had!

Alex Johnson pioneer home

Back in the 80's, I sketched this old pioneer home in Grantsville, Utah while I was studying about Utah architecture. Last month, we used my old sketch as reference to paint this scene with my students in our painting class. They wanted to learn more about two-point perspective and how to paint buildings ... thought this was the perfect subject!

Rural perspective

Years ago, while traveling in Tuscany, I sketched a scene like this and painted it when we returned home. The other day, I thought it would be a great idea for a local rural scene. Turned out just right!

Winter pheasants

We did this little study in my painting class with my students. Very fun ...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

This new LDS temple rose from the ashes of a tragic fire of the old pioneer tabernacle, transformed into a beautiful and sacred temple.


There is something about the quiet solitude of a mountain stream that moves me. Being in these types of environments is synonymous with one of my passions ... fly fishing! This scene depicts the drama and serenity of the early morning rise of a wild trout. Enjoy ...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jon and his tractor

My brother asked me to paint this scene of his father-in-law on his tractor at his farm in Heber City, Utah as a gift for his wife ... what a sweet gesture! I was pleased to be a part of this birthday surprise ...

Manti magic

I painted this scene for my mom and dad on their 50th wedding anniversary. Mom passed away a couple of weeks ago ... I wanted to post this in her honor. "Til we meet again, Mom!